Pen & Ink-picture tutorial

7 Finished-"Princess Raspberry"

Here is one of my entries into the EBSQ “Pen and Ink” show called “Princess Raspberry” and some of the steps I went through to create her.

1. First I did a light pencil sketch and outlined my sketch with ink. I then started filling in with various techniques such as cross hatching to provide shading and some depth.

2. I added color to the lips and eye to start some focus with color.

3. Then using Ampersand Claybord Inks and a Chinese brush I started filling in her gown with color using sepia, carmine red and yellow. When adding color I first used a light wash, then I went back in and started adding second and third layers for darker areas and to add depth.

4. Then I mixed yellow into the carmine red to make her hair more of an orange red. I finished with more fine pen work and then used ultramarine blue to add more depth to the ruffles and curves in the dress and in the middle of the bodice.

5. Finished… “Princess Raspberry.”



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