Art Contest-April “Nibblefest Entries” on Ebay

This month’s theme is “Felines.” These are my entries in the April “Nibblefest Art Contest” (NFAC) on EBAY. You can get to my EBAY store “Skey’s Shoppe” using the link in my sidebar under “Where To Buy Sherry’s Art.”

“CATS ARE FROM VENUS”-“Men may be from Mars but cats and women are from Venus. You better watch out or he may uncurl his paws and get you with those sharp black claws.” An original 5×7 acrylic/mixed media painting on a flat sheet of 100% archival canvas.

(click pics to enlarge)

The other two are ACEO’s (2.5″ x 3.5″) original works of art.

  • One is called “CAT WOMAN.” She’s got the costume, she’s got the eyes, it’s Cat Woman!
  • The other is “ORANGE U GLAD YUR A CAT.” Self explanatory.
  • We can only have three entries so I am tossing in another ACEO here on my blog called “PUDGE.”

Starting bid is only 99 cents, so it is a great way to have a chance to own an original work of art for a reasonable price.

How voting works: We get one “vote” for each unique bid. So if the same person bids twice that is “one” vote. If three different people bid that is “three” votes. The winner is the one with the most unique bids and they get a nifty, shiny award to use one their pages.

Thanks for looking and for your support of Self Representing Artist everywhere.

Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key


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