My Featured Artist-Carmen Trueheart

My Featured Artist today is Jewelry Artisan “Carmen Trueheart”


(Click Carmen’s Photo to see her EBSQ Profile & Portfolio)

Her specialty these days is making jewelry with PMC (precious metal clay). After she creates her work of art with PMC, she fires it and it comes out 99.9% fine silver. She makes the cutest little animal related pieces such as “paws.” Here are a few examples of her work.


Here is what Carmen has to say:

“Creativity is a pleasurable mission to me.

I have chosen jewelry to create, because of the different mediums available and for all of the colors of gemstones and beads. My world would lose a dimension without color. And of course with gemstones you can get surprise colors which appeal to my sense of childish amazement! I have chosen Precious Metal Clay to experiment with new designs. I have found that the trial and error changes of working with PMC to be very challenging!And too, there is always something to learn, a skill to perfect, and a result to the process that creates a memory. I can create an expression out of a thing, or series of things. This pleases me, and hopefully pleases others too”.

Isn’t she AWESOME! I have a link to more of her work and her profile in my sidebar.

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