It’s a “Fractal Show” on EBSQ Art

EBSQ online art community has four shows each month and one of the shows this month is “Fractals.” I found you can dig for hours into these mathematical designs and the possibilities are endless!!

Here are a couple of mine along with my little stories to go along with…that I will probably enter into the show. You can go to by clicking on my link in my sidebar under “Best Online Art Community In The Whole Wide World”…(-: Can’t tell where my loyalties lie, can you…he, he. (P.S. Click on the pics to get a full size view).


Close-up, macro view of a scorpion’s tail. When they are angry they give off this spectacular array of colors in their aura that can’t be seen by the human eye. He’s angry and could strike at any minute with his many spiky stingers. Beautiful but deadly at the same time! (This was really a fractal created in a fractal program)…(-:


I felt like I was going deeper and deeper into a black and white alien landscape. There were creatures with legs that appeared to be rooted into eternity. I’m not sure where or if the roots had an end. I tried to get a shot with my camera to have proof when I got back home, but unfortunately I was only able to get a picture of their alien legs…don’t know if anyone will believe me or not. (computer generated starting with a Mandelbrot Set and just delving into that.)


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