My Featured Artist-Inshan Ali

Inshan Ali-I can sum him up as a superb colored pencil artiste. When you look at his work you think “painting,” not “drawing.” He has a fascinating and somewhat unique perspective because he is a physician who incorporates his passion for healing, into his art. Inshan is a fairly new member of my favorite online art community EBSQ, but obviously is an old soul at art. Most of his work is done on canvas or canvas paper.

Heart Of A Pomegranate

(Click on photo to go to the story of “The Heart Of A Pomegranate”)

The story Inshan tells of comparing the pomegranate to the anatomical heart of the human body is quite fascinating.

More of Inshan’s colored pencil paintings: (Click on pics to enlarge)

Here is what Inshan has to say:

“Fortunate, unique and evolving were my choices when asked to describe my life in three words. Interestingly I can also describe my art with these three words. I feel very fortunate to have had a mother who fostered my artistic nature and though I remain a self taught artist – I believe that without her support my art would not be where it is today.

I think of my art as unique, in that, I like capturing snapshots of nature and the world around us, bringing it to life on paper and having my viewer connect with the piece, and possibly experience what I have in creating the piece.

I feel as though my art is ever evolving, as I am beginning to experiment with different shapes and dimensions of pieces. I am even venturing into new subject matters and choice of media. Though I love the precision one can achieve with colored pencils, I have a burning desire to explore more with oils and acylics.

Aside from art, my career in medicine have allowed me a deeper appreciation for life and the world around me. For each person that my pieces bring some level of joy or healing to makes me feel that I am one step closer in fully realizing the physician-artist in me.

It is my hope that my pieces evoke some emotion in you or at least bring a smile to your being.”

~Inshan Ali


One reason I really appreciate Inshan’s perspective is I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor. I think having taught anatomy and physiology, and being a therapist and healer, has influenced my insight into the human body and my art. Every cell of our body has memory, and whether you are a therapist, physician, etc. your brain is constantly storing tactile and visual information. While Inshan has used it for a more realistic view, mine leans more towards the humorous and surreal. It has helped me in my sculptures and other forms of artwork.

~Sherry Key

(Click this photo to go to Inshan’s EBSQ Portfolio)

Buddleia and Trochilidae - A Love Story

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