Fractals-two more for EBSQ Show

EBSQ online art community has four shows each month and one of the shows this month is “Fractals.” I found you can dig for hours into these mathematical designs and the possibilities are endless!! Fractals are like snowflakes, there are no two alike.

Here are two more fractals along with my little stories to go along with…that I will probably enter into the show. You can go to by clicking on my link in my sidebar under “Best Online Art Community In The Whole Wide World”…(-: Can’t tell where my loyalties lie, can you…he, he. (P.S. Click on the pics to get a full size view).


Somewhere in the center of the universe is a Black Hole Stargate. In the center a great, vast, nothingness. There is a sprinkling of stars all around it and who knows if you go through it, where, or when, or who you will be. Created in Tierazon Fractal Program.


I saw these alien bodies with many legs with many toes. At least I think that was toes. All I could think about was “I don’t know what these guys eat, but seriously, they need to think about going on a diet.” I did think the light glowing between all the folds of their bodies was interesting though. Created in Tierazon Fractal Program.

Don’t forget to see the other two fractals posted previously.


2 thoughts on “Fractals-two more for EBSQ Show

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    1. Thanks Carmen, there is a thread going in the EBSQ forums called “It’s a Fractal Month” or something like that. Anyway there is a lot of helpful conversation on how-to there. That’s actually where I got my info to start. This was a first for me as well…(-:

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