Free wallpaper-After The Fractal Show…

Well, told you I was absolutely hooked on doing fractals now since I did some for the May EBSQ Fractal Show. Here is my newest one called         “SPIRAL INTO A FIESTA” (click fractal to enlarge) You are welcome to right click on any of my fractals (after you click it to enlarge it) and use them as wallpaper or whatever. It’s FREE! to you.  Just do me the hugest favor and leave me a comment, reference me as the artist wherever you use it, if you can. Best of all, if you could “Fan” me on Facebook (I think now you choose “Like” me) it would be ever so much appreciated. I just started a fan page and need more fans!! Thank you, thank you! ~Sherry~

Sorry it’s not bigger, but looks great in the center of your screen. Hey don’t forget WordPress has now put a “Like” button at the top of my blog too…(hint)… (-;

Also, if you have followed my blog for a while you see the theme change periodically. I can’t help myself. I am an artist and I LOVE playing around with new themes as they come out. Still haven’t found what I would call the PERFECT one for me, but they are coming out with new themes pretty frequently here on now. I love playing around with new themes and all the widgets.

Well, I just noticed the right click feature for setting this as Desktop Background” isn’t an option, at least on mine. I assume most of you know you can do “Save Image As” and save it and THEN use it as your background wallpaper. Anyway, if you figure it out…ENJOY!


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