My Featured Artist “Amanda Makepeace”

Amanda's Portfolio-(click here)

My “Featured Artist” for the early part of this July is “Amanda Makepeace.” She has some great tree frogs done in pen and ink, and some wonderful stones done in acrylic. I am calling the slideshow “Toads and Stones.” Now I know there are toads and there are frogs and that there are frogs that are toads and toads that are frogs…whew. But, “Toads and Stones” resonates better with me than “Frogs and Stones”…lol.

[rockyou id=158028028&w=426&h=319]

She covers other subjects and most of them seem to revolve around nature. On her website at she has a “One Pebble Project” going that you should really check out! You send her a pebble and get back an ACEO for FREE.  ACEO’s are very collectible, small works of art. (2.5″ x 3.5″) Is that a deal or what?

Amanda is an avid reader (as I am) and does book reviews on her blog, as well as WIP’s (works in progress) and more.

Amanda's Blog-(click here)

 I haven’t covered everything that she covers on her website and blog so you will definitely need to go check those out for yourself.

A little about Amanda:

Some of Amanda’s earliest memories are watching her mother recreate her favorite toys with pencil and paper. Those experiences inspired her to begin her own creative pursuits. When put off by conventional art instruction, Amanda set out to create art on her own terms.

Like her interests in life, her art is not bound to one subject or style. Amanda has explored the beauty at her feet and the expanse of the universe. Her art has adorned a book cover and can be found in homes across the U.S. and U.K.


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