Four art shows…last day to vote.

Well today is July 7th and there has been a lot going on in my art world. I have two pieces entered into two of the four shows on my online art community…EBSQ.

The first one called “Baboon,” was entered into the “Redux” show. “Redux” in this case means a fresh take or interpretation on one of your works of art. I had done a little critter sculpture last year and thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like in 2-d. Here is what I ended up with. Done in colored pencil and ink on watercolor paper.

BABOON, Critter Rip Off

So basically I did a rip-off of my own work. Below is the little critter sculpture that my idea for “Baboon” came from. It was porcelain clay, polished with slip, and Raku fired.

Raku sculpture drawing is based on

This month’s one word concept show was called “Heavy.” So basically the concept is that you can interpret that one word however you want, and in any media that you want. My entry for the “Heavy” show is called “Heavy Is The Weight.” Done in graphite, ink and marker.


Heavy is the weight upon my shoulders,

Gravity is always pushing me around.

Heavy is the weight upon my shoulders,

Excess and worry weigh me down.


I have provided the links below if you would like to vote for me, or if you just want to see all the entries in the two shows.


  • There are four shows each month at EBSQ. You can join for FREE with a “Patron” account which allows you to vote in the shows and join in the forums. Or you can become an “Artist” member by paying a yearly fee and actually be able to enter your own art in shows, plus a whole lot more.
  • Check out my newest Featured Artist “Amanda Makepeace.”


2 thoughts on “Four art shows…last day to vote.

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    1. Ahhh…thank you so much Carmen. Well, I didn’t win anything in this month’s shows, so it really makes me feel good to get such a nice compliment.

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