Artist Torrie Smiley “Rips Off” My Artwork…

I partnered up with three other artist this month for the 10th annual EBSQ “Ripped Off” show. Previously I posted Torrie Smiley’s “Big Bird,” her piece that I ripped. Torrie did a rip of one of my photographs called “Nature’s Art.” Torrie’s piece called “Sherry’s Rain” is a 16″ x 20″ acrylic knife painting. Click on “Sherry’s Rain” to go to her blog and see the work in progress. Hard to believe, but she says this is her first painting done with a knife. Party on Torrie!!

Torrie's painting "Sherry's Rain"

Great news for me is we will be trading works of art and I can’t wait to get it. You won’t completely miss out though…Torrie is selling prints at Fine Art America.

A wonderful piece that really conveys the mood of my photograph.

My photograph "Nature's Art"

STAY TUNED-as I blog about my collaboration in the show with Artists Amanda Makepeace and Lynn Dobbins.

If you haven’t seen EBSQ’s “Annual Ripped Off” shows, you are really missing a fun, collaborative art event that has been an event for 10 years running, since 2000. Basically it’s an opportunity to rip-off a fellow EBSQ artist, who’s work you admire (that is WITH their permission!). I will be posting blogs about this throughout the entire month.

Whether you are a participating artist or just browsing the art…you are in for a treat! Now I am not just saying this because “yours truly” has some artwork entered in this show, that is true, yes, but as this show fills out with artwork through the month of July, you are going to want to check out each and every piece.

WHO: This show is hosted by my favorite online art community “EBSQ.”

WHAT:  “10thANNUAL RIPPED OFF” show “PROSPECTUS” (Rules and guidelines)


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