Amanda Makepeace “Rips Off” my artwork…

In Sherry’s world mermaids may not be beautiful by human standards but they are beautiful by theirs. They are beautiful in a strange and ethereal way. Water is sucked in their gills for useful oxygen and nutrition then the waste products are blown out various air holes distributed throughout their body. I’m not sure how all this works…I just know that’s how God made them…(-:

Amanda Makepeace took one of my strange and weird little mermaids and did the most adorable interpretation of it. Below is her interpretation of my young mermaids called “Innocence of Youth.”

Amanda's "Innocence of Youth"

I’ve been blogging the month of July about the 10th Annual EBSQ “Ripped Off” show where you partner up with other artists whose work you admire and “rip” their work off. EBSQ host 4 different themed juried shows a month. So if you are an artists it is a great community to join, and participate in.

Here is one of my mermaids Amanda ripped called “Young Mermaid.”

Sherry's "Young Mermaid"

Next I’ll be posting my “rip” of Amanda’s work.

Be sure and check out my previously posted “Featured Artist.”


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  1. Both are gorgeous! I imagine as an artist it’s always interesting to see how another artist experiences your work.

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