“Fairy Nights” Start to Finish…

Here is a few of the steps I took from start to finish of my newest artwork “Fairy Nights.” I was going to post it as a work in progress but I have already finished it.

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I had this ACEO  called “Summer Cremesicle Fairy” that I like and wanted to expand on and take a little farther.


Image 1-I enlarged my original fairy and colored her with colored pencils and ink.

Image 1

Image 2-Here I have cut out my fairy and she is laying on the blank canvas. I’m trying different positions and trying to decide what direction I want to go with this piece of artwork, and how I imagine my finished piece to be.

Image 2

I’ve decided to put my fairy on the left side of the canvas and I have decided to paint my background with acrylics in “Midnight Blue.” In Image 3 I have painted my background and then used Mod Podge to start securing my piece to the canvas. This is the trickiest part to not get glue on the actual artwork and to glue down the piece before the glue starts drying.  I’ve also decided to add one of my signature “moons’ so I create that, cut it out and secure it to the canvas also. Then I go over all of it with a thin layer of matte, transparent gesso. I add dots of acrylic for my stars.

Image 3

Finally, I ad more ink where necessary, color the dress on out to the edge, and refresh my other colors where needed. I use a lighter color of blue over all the background avoiding the stars which gives it kind of the 3-dimensional look. The edges are also painted midnight blue so this doesn’t need a frame and can be hung as is.


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