A different kind of mermaid…

My mermaids might have webbed fingers  or toes instead of fins, or holes or gills that extract oxygen and nutrition from the water. They may not be beautiful by human standards, but they are beautiful by theirs.

This first artwork is called “Mermaid Song” singing a siren song. Her skin has the sheen and various colors of real fish. Fish can actually be quite colorful especially when they are wet. Done with colored pencils, ink and art marker. Great shades of purple, blue and lavender.


This next one is called “Koi-the Mer-girl.” Great retro colors. Also done in colored pencils ink and art markers. Both are ACEO’s  and have one of my signature moons. They have a natural mask that is part of most mermaids markings…(-:


We had a “Ripped Off” show not too long ago on my online art community “EBSQ.” Amanda Makepeace did a rip of one of my mermaids and hers was called “Innocence of Youth.” Done in watercolor and pen. My “Mermaid Song” was actually a rip of her rip. Stay tuned because we may collaborate further in the future.


A few of my other mermaids…


7 thoughts on “A different kind of mermaid…

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  1. great art! id realy like to see about gettin amandas innocence of youth if its still available. and if u need a merman model i can float on my back for long periods of time. 🙂 (if u didnt know who i am, i worked on u last week.)

    1. Joe, of course I remember you. You are funny!!! Let me check with Amanda and see if she will let me sell her work of art. It really is a cute piece. I will split the proceeds with her…lol.

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