“It’s A Left Handed Thing”

Don’t forget to check out my “It’s A Left Handed Thing” page with interesting tidbits and information I have gleaned from around the web. It’s a work in progress as I search the internet clouds for interesting facts and fiction on left-handers.

Some of my left handed characters…


I would definitely appreciate your comments of being left handed, or being around someone who is left handed.


Me and my left hand are very close, kind of  like me and my shadow, but I have found that my right hand does have it’s uses.

There is a little 10 question quiz on my “Left Handed” page to see just how left/right handed you are. I thought I was as left handed as they come and that my right hand was just there to match the left and look pretty.

I actually had a few of the little exercises that I was more right hand dominate. So…is this because I have spent 50 some odd years adapting to a right handed world…OR does my occasional use of my right hand for certain things come naturally? I think it is so many years of conditioning from having to adapt.

If you are a left handed artist/artisan and have any amusing or useful information to share with us…please do.


5 thoughts on ““It’s A Left Handed Thing”

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    1. Thanks for the appreciating our dilemma…sometimes our inventive ways of adapting can look kind of strange…(-: I love your art!! Glad you are passing it on by teaching!

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