Amanda In Wonderland

Hand Altered Photo of Amanda Makepeace

Entry for November EBSQ show “Portrait Swap 2010.” Her lips look like a red delicious apple and her eyes are fantastical. Inspired by the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen characters played by Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter in Tim Burton’s movie adaptation,  “Alice In Wonderland.”


Amanda and I are both avid readers and both fans of fantasy and sci-fi. I was really inspired by the eyes of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. I cropped Amanda’s photo and printed it out in black and white. The original photo was on canvas and when it was printed in black and white, it gave it an interesting texture to start with. It’s hand colored with pencils and other mixed media.


Unfortunately, at the moment EBSQ’s site is doing a complete makeover and I have to wait until they get it back up and running to enter this in the “Portrait Swap 2010” show. I will keep you posted.

The characters that inspired me:

Alice In Wonderland Fansite


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    1. Thanks Amanda!! I was very pleased and felt good with how this one turned out. Thanks again!! It especially feels good when the person you did it for, likes it so much. Sherry

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