Team EBSQ Etsy December Showcase “Winter Wonderland”

Come see some of the featured artists artwork (including yours truly) in this month’s Team EBSQ Etsy December Showcase. This month’s theme is  “Winter Wonderland.”

Other artist in this showcase include: Amanda Makepeace, Stephanie D’Aigle, Betty Stoumbos, Lisa Nelson, Carolyn Schiffhouer, Vicky Knowles, Diane Casey, Kim Niles and Renie Britenbucher.

Click on “INGRID” (below) to go to the showcase, and then click on any artists work to go to their Etsy shop. Thank you to all our fans that support us as “Self Representing Artist.”

"INGRID" SOLD 12/2010 Yay!

You will find I do a lot of ACEO’s, which are very collectible, baseball sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) art cards. One common thread that runs through my little ACEO artworks are moons, stars, fanciful characters, and bright colors. A large part of my artworks are done in colored pencils, ink, and mixed media.

Come get a little glimpse of my world of fantasy and the surreal and browse through my galleries in my ART PORTFOLIO.

Thanks for looking!!

Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key


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