Artwork Inspired By Iconic Shoes

This first artwork was inspired by Dorothy’s ruby red slippers which are believed to be one of the most classic, well known iconic shoes, throughout the world. This one is just simply called “WOW” which I think was Dorothy’s first thought when she leaned down and saw these ruby red shoes, instantly appear on her feet. I don’t know…maybe a better name would be “OMG” in today’s lingo…(-:


One of the most recognized full body profiles is Mary Poppins flying through the air with her open umbrella held high, that hat, her Victorian style coat, and shoes with heels together, and toes pointed out.

My version is called “MP Comes In For A Landing.”

MP Comes In For A Landing

I think this is really a “Part I” because I want to do some more art inspired by “Iconic Shoes,” but really, who wouldn’t recognize “Clown” shoes.

Here is a classic pair with striped hose and plaid, high water britches called (for now) “Classic Clown Shoes.” Very original eh?

Classic Clown Shoes

These are ACEO’s done in colored pencils and ink, but there is a wonderful, bright 5″ x 7″ print of my Dorothy for sale in my ETSY store.

Stay tuned…


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