Art “Blank canvases, inspirations, & WIP’s”

I am in the middle of several projects 3 dimensional and other dimensional projects…some were started in the middle of last year. Some unfinished projects have spun off and created other, finished projects. Others are inspiring me to other new work. Regardless, it’s a lot of fun for me to see where these are going to end up.

3-d Works In Progress
This little sculpture I started last year and it inspired a painting. Still haven’t finished the sculpture though.

Sculpture-Work In Progress


Mixed media painting inspired by above sculpture is also, as yet, untitled.

Untitled at the moment


This painting would have fit into several different shows I wanted to enter last year like “Day Of The Dead,” etc. but I never could make up my mind so I guess the timing just wasn’t right. I am still waiting for the show that I feel the NEED to enter this in. I’ll let you know when the time is right…(-:
Now on to the next upcoming project. I think this next one is going to be a steampunk piece and maybe be entered in the “Paris” show on EBSQ but that could easily change. As you start a piece, especially sculptural, it can easily change as you go along, from your original intention.
Sculpture/Mixed Media-Work In Progress
This one above I am thinking about using the 1/2″ MFD board, Eiffel Tower and one of the back ground papers (all shown in the first picture).
I am excited about this piece and think I have some really good ideas…I will keep you posted.
P. S. You can click (HERE) to go see some of my other paintings/drawings and look through all my galleries.

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