Left-Handed Animals?

Toad Baby Snaps

Toads are mostly right-handed and pounce more quickly on morsels of food that enter their line of vision from their right, while me and the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo are entirely left-handed…(-:

This just recently in from my “Left Handers Club Newsletter.”

There have been lots of reports over the years about various animals showing hand preference and here is a brief summary of what they found:

  • Cats, female are right-handed while toms favor the left.
  • Dogs the same until spayed or neutered which suggest hormones may play a role in their handedness.
  • Toads, right-handed.
  • Humpbacked Whales, right jawed when it comes to scooping up food.
  • Polar bears, myth has it they are left-handed.

Click HERE to see full article.


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