My Blog Is Experiencing Blogal Warming…


Spring Has Sprung by Sherry Key-Sold

Well spring hasn’t quite sprung yet but it is starting to spring. I’m jump starting “Blogal Warming” on my blog today by doing a little spring cleaning and using the new “Koi” theme. It’s all bright, colorful, and artsy like me, and reminds me of good and warm things to come.

Let’s take a look at some great “springy” art from some of my artists friends on ETSY. Clicking on each of their artworks will take you to their ETSY shop. ENJOY!!

Little Yellos by Carolyn Schiffhouer
The Black Eyed Susan by Kris Jean
Paisley Amaryllis by Alma Lee
Crocus Vernus Botanical by Caroline Baker

Ahhh…don’t these works of art make my page look beautiful? Wonderful artworks by my EBSQ online artist friends Carolyn Schiffhouer, Kris Jean, Alma Lee, and Caroline Baker.

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