Art “The Infamous Cat Rat Catcher” for sale on Etsy

It’s the infamous “Cat Rat Catcher.” Cleverly disguised as a mouse to lure in his little prey:

Foolish mouse…are you really fooled so easily by such a shoddy costume?

Did your father not train you better?

Weren’t you taught to avoid traps and pitfalls such as this?

Alas, some young mice will never learn…much to their detriment!

S. Key (For sale in my Etsy Shoppe click HERE)


Cat wearing a rat costume (not even a very good one at that) You can tell by the looks of him he is seasoned, hardened, and experienced.

FOR SALE ON ETSY-ACEO-2.5″ x 3.5″ collectible, baseball sized art cards. Done in colored pencils and ink on bristol paper (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork)
By Texas Artist/Artisan Sherry Key

One thought on “Art “The Infamous Cat Rat Catcher” for sale on Etsy

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I’m learning and living in France, so don’t know anyone around us. I need the encouragement. It is relaxing.
    I had a look at your site and you are a great drawer and lots of funky ideas. Very professional, I’ll keep watching and trying to work out the site.

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