ACEO Art “Mermaid With Absinthe Filled Crystal Ball”

“Mermaid With Absinthe Filled Crystal Ball’ OR could be called “Carol Channing As A Mermaid” (if you are old enough to know who Carol Channing is).

Another one of my strange mermaids. They may not be considered beautiful by our standards but to other mer-people they are. Done in colored pencils and inks with beautiful purples and chartreuse. She carries an absinthe filled crystal ball considered a treasure under the sea…(-:

Mermaid With Absinthe Filled Crystal Ball

Most of these little artworks takes me a minimum of two hours to create. For sale in my Etsy shop (Click HERE)



Don’t forget my two items for sale on EBAY. 100% of sales for those two go to charity for earthquake relief in Japan. “lifeline Japan” Limited Edition print, 5″ x 7″ (#1 of only 6 is sold) #2 of only 6 is currently up for auction. Also, my original ACEO “Gimbare Nihon” (Remain, Strong Japan) is a really cool manga artwork is still up for auction.

(Clicking on pics below, will take you to that auction)

Lifeline Japan
Gimbare Nihon!

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