5/2011 Update: Sold…thank you so much!!!

I wanted to revisit this little piece of art and see how much farther I could take it. The first version had a dark brown background and was kind of plain to me. It sold, which is always a good feeling but I thought it could be even better. So here is the new, revised addition…(-:

This started out as a color print but I used acrylics, inks, and colored pencils to transform it. So I consider it an original, mixed media. Now she has eyelids, eyebrows, and a new depth to her eyes and nose. I embellished the background and added lace to her top. Here she is and I’m including a picture of the first version below that.

“Chocolate Cherry Mouse Fairy” on Ebay

Chocolate Cherry Mouse Fairy-Sold
The earlier version

3 thoughts on “Art Card “Chocolate Cherry Mouse Fairy” transformed…

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  1. I thought I’d pay you a visit since you so kindly gave me my first comment!

    I’ve had a look through your blog. I like your artwork, you have a distinct style, sort of like manga in a nightmare.

    And this piece is an improvement on the original, the blueness made it look a little like one of those menus you see outside a restaurant where the food pictures have faded in the sun. Your new version looks much more appetising. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Your comment about my art looking like manga in a nightmare made me smile. Your few posts were raunchy but humorous, I totally get it. Keep up the good work on your art and I let me know when you get up that 4th post…(-:

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