Art-“The really cute and innocent stuff”

I have been told my last couple of artworks were ranging from the scary to being compared to “manga in a nightmare”…ha,ha,ha. So tonight I am going to post some of my really un-scary and cute stuff…(-:

Two little babies and some cute little birds. All are 2.5″ x 3.5” very collectible ACEO art cards done in colored pencils and ink on bristol (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork).

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Most artist have done their take on this little saying and here is mine. Three of my cute little blue birds with their huge eyes taking this saying to heart. What these little guys have witnessed we may never know…and they aren’t telling…(-:

It almost seems as if they are performing some sort of ballet, maybe that’s what they’ll do next. Soft peach, green and blue colors. On ETSY (Click HERE)

Pop Art "Baby With Pacifier"

Cute little baby wearing a bonnet, with her pacifier pinned to her little outfit. Flat foreground on vibrant pink background really makes her stand out, with a puppy dog and one of my popular moons. On EBAY (Click HERE)

Bedtime Jammies

All warm and snuggly and ready for bed in her cute little mouse eared jammies. On EBAY (Click HERE)

Hope you enjoyed the “cuteness.”


Don’t forget time is almost up to bid on my NFAC Art entries in my EBAY Store, “SKEY’S Shoppe.”

This month’s theme is “Dragons” and all entries start at just .99 cents. Just type in “NFAC” in search on EBAY to see all the entries.

Thanks for looking…(-;



2 thoughts on “Art-“The really cute and innocent stuff”

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    1. Thank you Carmen…I kind of had you in mind when I did those…I hope this overcomes the nightmares you were having over my “Dragon” entries…lol. Again, thanks for the comments!

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