Art-The Edginess Of Graphite Pencil and Chartreuse

I have recently fallen in love with working with graphite and green has always been my son’s favorite color not mine, but I have to say, one of my new favorite colors is chartreuse. The ranges of grays in the graphite and the glow that chartreuse brings to the art has kind of been fascinating me lately. I’m the kind of person that if I run across a food I like I’ll eat it all the time till I’m sick of it, like chicken nuggets…ha, ha, ha.

Anyway…I think the two make these three little ACEO art cards have more of a manga comic book sort of vibe. What are your thoughts?

First is “Tinkles” the “Hannibal Lecter” type character below:

Tinkles from "Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore"

I recently saw the animated movie “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore” and I thought “Tinkles” that played the “Silence Of The Lambs” character “Hannibal Lecter” was the cutest, so this is my take on him. I thought it was so funny and humorous. Now don’t get me wrong…I didn’t come up with this character, I have a kitty at home too…(-:

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Next is “Zipper Fly Smuggler”

Zipper Fly Smuggling Fairy

Under that edgy exterior she’s really sweet, she just has a thing for “zipper flies.” I like the glow chartreuse gives to the moon.

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I posted “The Green Muse” on a previous post but she was the first one I did with the combination of graphite and chartreuse and wanted to include her here.

The Green Muse

“Absinthe Fairies” are very strange little creatures, and they tend to hang out with very strange human beings. Unfortunately most of these fairies succumb to the very drink they seduce us with.

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