Art-“How Does God See Me?”Entry in “Enigma” art show

How Does God See Me?

That is an enigma to me. If you believe in God (which I do), I wonder…how does he see me? Does he see through our outer body and see each of us as a unique glowing soul. This is not something I HAVE to have an answer to, I just wonder.  ( scroll to bottom of this post for details on voting)

Detail of Image

As I was playing around with some clay and came up with the rudimentary clay figure you see below I wondered what would that inanimate figure look like if it had a soul? When I painted this I imagined something beautiful in an eerie, ethereal sort of way. I see expression and feeling in the face, maybe that is just me. Maybe I tried to imbue a feeling from inside myself…I don’t know…it’s all a wonderful mystery to me.

Clay figure-Work In Progress

The clay figure in this post is one of three “works in progress” clay figures I am working on simultaneously, and this is the one that inspired the idea for this painting. This is acrylics and oil pastels on 6″ x 12″ x  1/2″ MFD board. Those that know my work , know that I don’t spend a lot of time on actual fine art paintings such as this. I am usually drawing with colored pencils and ink on a daily basis on smaller works of art and my little ACEO art cards.

If you like this artwork please consider voting for me.

UPDATE: 5/10/2011 Every vote counts and thanks to you who voted…this piece won the “Patron’s Choice” award in the EBSQ “Enigma” Show…bless you all!!!


I have entries in two shows this month and would appreciate your votes. Also, even after you vote please click the “Like” button for that piece of art as well.

They also give awards now for the art with the most “Likes.” So “Vote” and click the “Like” buttons please…(-:

Here is links to my two entries below, “Vote” and” Like” buttons are to the right of my artwork. (There is a bunch of busy-i-ness to the right of my artwork but the “Vote” button, and all the other buttons (you can like it, stumble it, tweet, it and several others)…are to the immediate right.

Enigmatic Show:

Robots Show:

They are giving away great prizes to the top winner of these show. Appreciate you guys and appreciate you taking the time to vote.

If you haven’t become a Patron Member (You have to be one to vote (it’s free and only 3 questions) (although you can still “Like” my art)here is the link to register so you can vote:


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