Art-Robots “Miranda, Substitute Cheerleader”

UPDATE: 5/10/2011-Thanks to your vote this won “Patron’s Choice” in the EBSQ “Robot” Show. Thank you so, so much! Sherry

In the not too far away future robots are taking over our everyday task. Here is Miranda, substituting for Wanda as cheerleader, during a football game. Miranda isn’t really top of the line. Her motor runs on solar power during the day but as you can see this is a night game, so she has to use gasoline power. Unfortunately her motor keeps trying to cut out and she keeps having to pull the chord before her motor dies, to keep it running. (3 photos)

Miranda, Substitute Cheerleader
Full View

This colored pencil and ink artwork took me about 10 hours to complete. This has a lot of layers and blending and a lot of small parts such as the motor.

In Robot Show at EBSQ:


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