Geisha-Polymer Clay Sculpture (background Painting by Torrie Smiley)

Geisha "The Good Mother"
(see detail image below)

Giesha sculpture by Sherry Key and background painting by Torrie Smiley. I entered this piece in the EBSQ “Saints” show last year but it is one of those pieces that never looked quite finished to me. It was the head that bugged me, so I decided to go back and revisit it. I kept painting more layers of white, more details in the face, and then ended up painting the hair all black. If you compare it to the previous version below I think you will agree it made all the difference in the world.
The background painting was sent to me by Torrie and came about from our collaboration in the “Ripped Off” show last year, where you get permission from another artist to rip off their work. I had a photograph I had taken through a rainy window at work and that’s where the idea for Torrie’s painting came from. She even won an award for her “rip” of my photo. It ended up making a wonderful background for my sculpture, don’t you think?
Anyway, I know Father’s Day is coming up but I still am enjoying this tribute to my mother below:
Good mothers are saintly to me. My mother is a saint. She is going through trials and tribulations right now, But through it all she is a faithful churchgoer and servant of God.She once told me she and I were soul mates. Now you can’t get a better compliment as a daughter…than that. I dedicate this to “The Good Mother” in my life, my Mom.
Polymer clay, glass beads and heat forged copper wire. Figure is completely hand sculpted. The subtle design on the clothing was made with stamps I made myself out of clay. Glass beads are encrusted on the headpiece. Heart shaped, stained wood stand. You have to anneal the wire just right to get the bright reds and pinks on the beaded ends.
Polymer clay, beads, copper
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8 thoughts on “Geisha-Polymer Clay Sculpture (background Painting by Torrie Smiley)

Add yours

    1. Thank you Carmen…I really loved the colors of Torrie’s painting and think that really helped to show this sculpture off.
      That is one of the hard parts of photographing a sculpture. What’s in the background can really make a difference.

  1. I love it. The higher-contrast colors in the second version do seem more “Geisha” and I like the pose there, too. Quite expressive.

    My mother is a saint too… in heaven, now. I appreciate the feeling that would move an artist to dedicate this to her mother.

    1. Thanks Alma…I agree about the contrast colors and the pose. I appreciate your feelings for your mom as well.
      Thankfully, mine is still around. She’s going on 80 and I hope she keeps going strong.

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