Art-ACEO art card “Digit Floating In The Milky Way”

ACEO art card-Journal Entry-(Star Date 6/30/2011) Digit and his friend (who shall remain nameless because Digit has an ego about the size of Texas, and it’s all about him)…ha, ha, ha…decided to spend their summer floating among the stars and the Milky Way.

Digit "Floating In The Milky Way"

Digit is a character I started developing around 2009 and he has grown to develop a personality and character of his own. Every time he pops up I seem to see a different side of him. He is done in colored pencil and ink on bristol (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork).

You can buy “Digit” HERE in my ETSY shop. ACEO art cards are very collectible 2.5″ x 3.5″ baseball sized art cards. I collect mine in game card boxes, sleeves, albums, and these little miniature artworks look great matted and framed. This is a cute one to start your collection if you haven’t started yet.

Want a set? Digit makes a cute little set matched with ACEO art card (link below):

Digit’s nameless friend====> “Floating In A Sea Of Stars” In my Etsy Shop

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