Digital Art-Yay! I won an award!!

Yay! I won an award! My Siren Of The Odyssey was awarded “Clouds Mention” in the EBSQ “Odyssey” show. I’m so proud…(-:

"Siren Of The Odyssey" Digital Art

I’m so excited because this is only my fourth piece of artwork that I have created digitally. The majority of my work is done in colored pencils and ink, I work in many other mediums, but that is my favorite.

You can read about this piece in the show HERE.

I welcome your comments…thanks…Sherry…(-:

5 thoughts on “Digital Art-Yay! I won an award!!

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  1. Great work, congratulations! You’ve got sort of a renaissance sort of look going on with the mask here, which is right up my street. I like the androgynous look of the girl too, it adds to the ethereal theme of the piece, reminds me of descriptions of angels where their gender is very neutral, but beautiful to both sexes.

    I took a hiatus, but you’ll be glad to know I’m blogging regularly again now 😉

    1. Thanks for the comps. It has the feeling of being androgynous to me too, which I kind of liked. I liked what you said about the angels. Glad to hear you are up and running again…(-: I’ll come check it out!

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