“Acid Rain” Nod to the Plague Doctors…

"Acid Rain"

I’ve been fascinated with the Plague Doctors lately and the color shadings of Ombre that is popular in hair color and fashion this year.

Plague Doctors-In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, some doctors wore a beak-like mask which was filled with aromatic items. The masks were designed to protect them from putrid air, which in theory of the times, was seen as the cause of infection.  Being a plague doctor was unpleasant, dangerous, and difficult. Their chances of survival in times of a plague epidemic were slim. Plague Doctors were medical physicians hired by the community to treat those who had the bubonic plague. Since they were hired by the community they treated rich and poor.

Sometimes they were untrained or inexperienced physicians or surgeons that couldn’t get a practice elsewhere. I’m getting my info from Wikipedia which says one of them was a fruit seller before he became a Plague Doctor. Of course they only treated plague patients.

Ombre is graduating color from dark to light. I used browns, oranges, yellow and chartreuse. I think the chartreuse on the head and shoulders, gives it a really sickly color, like putrefying acid rain…(-:


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