October Fall, Halloween wearable art badges…

Skeybadge© October/Fall/Halloween wearable art badges:

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What are Skeybadge© art badges?

Introducing Skeybadges©, fashionable, wearable art badges. Can be worn in front or behind work ID badges, school ID badges, or on their own. Examples shown here, how they look on neck lanyards and caribiners (shown but not included). They also fit in baseball and game sized card albums and boxes (shown but not included). Be the first to wear a Skeybadge©

These are limited addition art prints of my original artworks that were done in colored pencils and ink. They are a slightly different size than ACEO art cards but as you can see they still fit in art card sized albums, etc. They also make great gift tags because they are already pre-punched.

October Skeybadges© for sale on Ebay (click HERE).

***Stay tuned, December/Winter/Holiday art badges coming soon…(-:

Remember if it’s not a Skeybadge© it’s not Skey Art.  All artwork is copyrighted and all rights reserved by Sherry Key a.k.a. SKey


October 28th “EBSQ Friday Five”


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