“Think Pink” this month, “Breast Cancer Awareness.”

I posted this last year and entered this in last year’s “Think Pink” show at EBSQ. You can only enter a piece of art once no matter what the show/exhibit so I’ll be doing something different for the 2011 show this year. BUT, it is still laid on my heart this year to mention my friend Carolyn again.

I had a friend named Carolyn who had a double mastectomy and decided to have butterflies tattooed on her chest, in place of her breast. I always thought that was cool and wanted to do this little painting in memory of her. She was in remission for many years and then she lost her battle with cancer and passed away. In honor of Carolyn, remember her name for just one day. There are a lot of people who miss her still. She was a massage therapist and a teacher and she touched a lot of people. Please remember the name “Carolyn” just for today. Thanks.

80% of the sales from this painting is donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation through “Ebay Giving Works” on Ebay. Starting bid just $18.00. (Click HERE)

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