Thanks and Happy 2012!

Happy 2012
Ahhh…coffee…my drug of choice. Research shows some days it’s healthy for me…other days it’s not. My first love might be art, and while there is no man in my life at the moment…that probably makes coffee my second.
I love my coffee flavored with flavored creamers, in a clear glass, footed cup. I might make a lot of sacrifices in my life but coffee isn’t one of them.
One of the guys I work with broke my favorite cup (similar to this one) and then one of the other guys bought a replacement for me. He said he’d been used to seeing me with that cup for 5 years and that he’s even got some extra stored away in case that one gets broke. I’m thinking that’s one of the finer moments for man…lol.
(Hand colored black and white photo)

Happy 2012 and thanks to all my family and friends for being just who you are! Thanks to all my art fans…I appreciate you greatly!




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