“Art of Tarot” show entries

Here is my two entries in the EBSQ “Art of Tarot” art show. You can click on each artwork to vote for me with your Facebook “Like” button.

Click on the Pics if you’d like to vote…(-:

“Major Arcana-Strength (La Force)”

5″ x 3.5″ colored pencils, marker

Divinatory meanings-Strength can signify the courage it takes to conquer your fears and to hold your chin up in the face of hardship. This kind of strength isn’t necessarily forceful, it can just as well be the voice of tolerance and calm.

20th century-Usually shows a passive woman, a pillar (associated with Samson), a lion, and a lemniscate (infinity type halo) of some form around or above the head.

“Minor Arcana-Queen of Cups”

OSWOA 4″ x 6″ Art markers, pencils

Can often be a healer, counselor, or psychic. Preferring to get energy from times alone, rather than times with others; a bit of a “hermit” or recluse: enjoys living in seclusion, peace and quiet. Can-see around corners-but not always what is directly under their nose. A lot of times this person goes by, just what feels right.

OSWOA which are always a specific size of 4″ x 6″ and fit in a 4″ x 6″ photo album, or can be matted and framed. Markers, ink, on Bristol art card stock.

Artwork copyright of Sherry Key a.k.a. Skey


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    1. Thanks for the compliments Lily and “Liking” my Facebook page!! This was really my first foray into the art of Tarot. I definitely want to explore it some more. I’ll go check out your site and Deviant Moon Tarot…(-:

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