Art-Smoking Dreams

She’d like to quit again someday…but alas, even in her dreams she has a lit cigarette…wonder what the interpretation of that would be…(-: Some ongoing artwork about habits and addictions.

Smoking Dreams-Sold

The Art of Smoking…until it’s not.

Art of Smoking

One day I’m drawing baby socks and the next I might be posting artistic nudes. You never know what I might do…(-:


Sherry Key aka Skey

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5 thoughts on “Art-Smoking Dreams

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  1. Smoking is such a hard one to quit. I know! I was a smoker for a very long time. What finally made me quit was chronic pain. I had a back injury, which turned into chronic pain, and the smoking made it so much worse. I had to quit. It didn’t cure my pain, but the difference it made was enough to motivate me not to light up again. Ever.

    1. Thanks Jennifer…I have quit a couple of times through the years, once for 10 years. I have a love hate relationship with it. I want to have one more “quit” left in me. I would be interested in what health issues I have would get better, and what is connected to smoking. We’ll see…thanks for sharing…(-:

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