Art “Good Comments Giveth, Spam Taketh Away”

I’m celebrating the WordPress widget “Akismet” for saving me from 8,164 Spam comments on my blog to date, with this humorous little paper collage.

“Good Comments Giveth and Spam Taketh Away”


Legitimate comments are good, legitimate Spam is bad. Illegitimate comments are Spam and illegitimate Spam are legitimate comments…whew!

Don’t you hate to turn down comments?

Most of the Spam Akismet catches on my WordPress blog are legitimate but there are some comments that make you second guess yourself. I mean when they are lauding your abilities and pouring on the compliments like a thick sweet syrup, well…it’s hard not to hit the “Not Spam” button or the “Approve” button.

Aren’t I smart enough to decide for myself?

Well, you would think so. There has been the rare occasion that I decided I knew better than a stupid “lil” widget and I lucked out, but more often than not, I lived to regret making such a spurious decision.

One big Spam can beget many baby Spam.

Most of the time when I have let my ego get in the way and have approved a Spam, I found that one Spam opens the floodgates, spawning many other Spam, and those Spam can create more, and so on.

Occasional questions arise:

What is the plural of Spam? Is it like deer where the plural is deer? Is it Spams with an “s” on the end. I tried it both ways but am leaning towards singular “Spam,” and plural “Spam.” Should it be capitalized like it’s a proper noun? I’m not sure we should be giving it that much respect.


Original- 5″ x 7″ drawing, cut-out, striped paper background, on Bristol paper (sturdy like card stock).

For sale on Ebay.


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