#1 in my 29 Faces of May “I Am Leo” Mixed media collage (self portrait)

I Am Leo

(Self Portrait)

I Am Leo

The date and time of my birth is said to define some of my personality and characteristics.

The sun is considered my ruling planet (although it is not really a planet, it’s the center of our solar system).

I am supposed to be warm, bright, self-motivated and want to make an impression in everything I do whether it’s my work, love life or social life.

I am generous in many ways and expect others to be just as big-hearted. So when I see that they are not, I find it hard not to jump in and try to change that. For this I might come off as a bit of a tyrant.

 When I am feeling upbeat I carry people away with my energy. I love sharing my joys and successes with the people I love. Supposedly my star sign has perfected the art of giving.

 I usually have a great sense of timing and am pretty good at offering encouragement at just the right moment when it will have the greatest impact.

My faults can be as large in scale as my virtues. If I am of a willing frame of mind my faults can be overcome with intelligence, and wisdom.

I could go on and on about me, because I am Leo…(-:

But, I will be magnanimous and spare you the rest, for today.


29 Faces Challenge-We have 31 days to make 29 faces in the month of May. That means 2 extra days of room to wiggle!

“I Am Leo”  is my face #1  in the May challenge. I was a little late starting so wish me luck…(-:

“I Am Leo” is a Mixed media collage, acrylic background, on 9″ x 12″ canvas board for sale on Ebay.

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