#10 in my 29 Faces in May “Air Element” Matryoshka Doll

“Air Element” Doll

“Air Element” Doll-Nesting doll, stacking doll, Matryoshka dolls.

Short story…why?…cause I’m working my hiney off (I wish), having to do almost one new drawing each day to finish 29 Faces in the 31 days of May, (an online art challenge).

This one is a group of 6 stacking dolls (no you can’t see the others, they are in there, you just gotta imagine). So while you are imagining, imagine the wings lay flat on the back of each of the other dolls until they are opened up, then each set of wings flies open as each doll is revealed. Pretty cool, huh? You can almost see this one’s floaty little wings fluttering.

Colored pencils and marker on Bristol (like card stock but made for artwork). This is an original drawing, ACEO artist card. 2.5″ x 3.5″ miniature artworks that are a good microcosm of an artist style. Very collectible size.


4 thoughts on “#10 in my 29 Faces in May “Air Element” Matryoshka Doll

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    • Thank you for including me in the EBSQ online art blog, “Friday Five” Amanda. I didn’t know you were a collector of the dolls…cool!!

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