#9 in my 29 Faces in May “Green Element”

“Earth Nesting Doll”  I love “Nesting” or Stacking” dolls. I don’t own any but I love the wide variety and how there are so many different ones out there.

“Green Element” Nesting Doll
I have recently been looking at “nesting” or “stacking” dolls and they are just another in the millions of things that have always fascinated me.
This first one is called  “Green Element” because it seems kind of earthy and flowery to me. “Air Element” is coming up next.
This is my #9 in the 29 Faces in May challenge where we have the 31 days of May to create 29 faces.
Colored pencils, ink.
Copyright Texas Artist-Artisan Sherry Key

4 thoughts on “#9 in my 29 Faces in May “Green Element”

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    1. Thanks Kelly! I’m not real fond of this face but I’m trying to come up with different ones for the challenge. I did like the design on the side too though.

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