21, 22 of 29 Faces in May – Athletic Swimmer, and Nude BJD Doll – Water Goddess

21 and 22 of my “29 Faces in May” challenge to create 29 Faces in the 31 days of May, are both  2.5″ x 3.5″ ACEO art cards.

“Umiko” Child of the Sea

#21 “Umiko”  is a Japanese name for “Child of the Sea.”  She is an artistic nude BJD Doll (ball-jointed doll).

“Dad Gum” it!! There was so many names for water goddesses in almost every culture.

I had a hard time picking out one, but decided “Umiko” kind of felt right…(-:

She’s very flexible, has big eyes, and as you can see she loves jewelry, skinny dipping, warm summer nights, and the sea.


#22 This next one has a less imaginative name “Athletic Swimmer.”

(Don’t tell her I said this, but she was just another “face in the crowd” for me to reach my goal of 29 Faces)

“Athletic Swimmer”

She does have a cool bright blue bikini and blue beaded swim cap.

(All artwork copyrighted by Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key)

I will be posting some of these for sale on Ebay. Let me know if you have any favorite you would like to bid on and I will put it up for auction.

Sherry’s Art for sale on Ebay



4 thoughts on “21, 22 of 29 Faces in May – Athletic Swimmer, and Nude BJD Doll – Water Goddess

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  1. Umiko is amazing Sherry, you have really done well with the 29 faces challange! Each one is a detailed piece of art not just a face! And not to forget the lovely little story that accompanies each piece and builds a whole little word for the viewer/reader. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to every post 🙂 p.s love the blue beaded swim cap!

    1. Thanks! It has really been a challenge. I love to try to have at least something to say about each piece to make it more personal. When your doing 29 so fast though sometimes it’s hard. Umiko is one of my favorites.

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