Manga Mania, “The Final Five” in the “29 Faces in May” Art Project

(6/25/2012 Update- (3) Sold-thank you Peter in New Jersey!)

I did it! I met the challenge! 29 completed artworks in 31 days! This is my final “five” faces in the challenge.

  • An online group of artists had a similar challenge in February, and it was so popular they decided to do one in May.
  •  Here’s how it works. You have the 31 days in the month of May to create 29 faces.
  • I didn’t get to participate in the February challenge so was excited to be in this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed it most of the time,  but I got a late start. I didn’t even start until about the 5th of May, so was already behind.
25 and 26 – I call these girls “Twisters.”  Both a little twisted, but don’t be fooled. The seemingly innocent one on the right is the more “e-vile” of the two!
  • I love the way these little ACEO art cards turned out. I did all five in one evening on Wednesday night.
  • This was so hectic!  Most of these are 2.5″ x 3.5″ ACEO art cards and takes me 2-3 hours on average to create. Some evenings I would do two of these. But then things would come up like my son’s college graduation. Well, that was a whole weekend out of town that was wasted. I had good intentions of making progress but ended up not doing a blooming thing.

So every day that I got close to getting back on track to finish all 29 faces by the end of May, something would come up and I would fall behind again.


27 and 28 “Drodd and  the Hippie Chick”

“Drodd and Hippie Chick”

I was going to call this “Dr. Odd and his Assistant” but one of the guys at work said “That’s cool, she looks just like a hippie.” So I ended up going with “Drodd” (get it…ha, ha, ha), and “Hippie Chick.” I think my favorite part of these two is the Granny Glasses and the way she is giving you the “double evil eye” over the rims.

So that brings to mind another conundrum. Naming so many artworks in such a short period of time. It’s not like you have time to sit around while you are waiting for the oil paints to dry to think up some cute, fitting, or clever name. No, you gotta do this one on the fly. So while you look around at my previous posts about the challenge, keep in mind how “clever” I was with naming all that art in such a short period of time…(-:


“Sakura” Japanese for Cherry Blossom. In this case, cultivated for ornamental use but does not produce fruit.

  • So basically I have spent every waking minute from the time I got home from work until bedtime,

and weekends (when I wasn’t going to graduations or having to buy food), working on all these faces.

I haven’t had time for social networking, texting, or chatting. Haven’t been in my online art community’s forums for days.

Now I’m going to rest. Take a break. I’m going to work on art that I want to work on…no, no, you can’t make me do another face…I’m having nightmares.

I’m not working on another piece of art…well, until at least tomorrow.



Thanks to “Ayala Art”  for hosting the “29 Faces in May” art project. I saw 136 artists signed up for the challenge. I wonder how many made it…(-:


These last five faces are dedicated to my new online art buddies, Nonoy Manga. A 17 year old Manga artist (about the age of my granddaughter), and artist Kelly Graham.

I have watched them both follow my posts faithfully from the beginning of the project. Thanks guys!


4 thoughts on “Manga Mania, “The Final Five” in the “29 Faces in May” Art Project

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  1. Wow, thank you so much Sherry, what a wonderful surprise when I got to the end of your post 🙂 You’ve made my day! You have done a fantastic job, and I have really enjoyed seeing all your amazing artwork. Next on my list is to own a piece!

  2. Madame i can see the resemblance to auntie and mother. i enjoy the series very much “what an extravagant show of talent”. Me and Madame Kelly are very delighted. cheers Nonoy manga

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