June Art – Birds are my theme for the rest of this month…

June’s Nibblefest will be coming up soon on the 20th where all art goes on the auction block starting at .99 cents. The theme will be “Birds” so I’m in the mood for birds the rest of this month. I’ve got some pieces done and the majority, but not all, have a bird in them.  I’m not sure which ones, or how many I will be putting in the auction yet. Here are the first two artworks. Both are Artist Trading Cards (ATC) that are 2.5″ x 3.5″ and are very collectible, baseball sized, miniature artworks.

“Bird Sanctuary”
“Fountain In The Square”

Also I would like to highlight an animal sanctuary right here in my neck of the woods, the Heard Museum in McKinney Texas. I’m going to be providing different links to different areas of the website.

This link takes you to the Animal Photo Gallery but also to a slideshow of animals on their infrared-motion activated cameras…which is kind of cool. The photos won’t win any contests, but it’s fun to think about each animal just going about doing their own thing, and not realizing that we are getting a glimpse into what they are up to.

Heard Museum “motion activated” slideshow.


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  1. Sherry, I really dig your art work, evokes much serenity . Thank- You, for visiting and the kind words. Lots of Peace and Love !

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