Art – New “Offworlders” and The Heard Museum’s founder “Bessie Heard”

The Bird and the Honey Bee Keeper

I’m playing with some new little characters called “Offworlders.” I’ve done about eight so far.  Right now I am doing the workers and professionals that travel off world with the Royals. This one is the Royal Honey Bee Keeper. Her job is to transport the hives, taste test the honey, etc. She’ll be traveling with her trained pet bird on her shoulder.

Colored pencils, ink, on Bristol paper (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork). Very collectible ACEO/ATC baseball sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) original artworks.

Also, this month in my previous blogs I have been highlighting The Heard Natural Science Museum and Sanctuary. Including some of my weird and cute artwork. You won’t be seeing any realistic photographs here, but can go to the museum and sanctuaries website for realism…(-:

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Heard Museum

Below is an article from the Heard Museum website on the founder, Bessie Heard.

Heard History

Miss Bessie Heard with a school groupThe Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, in Mckinney Texas, is the result of one woman’s vision for the future and her commitment to the community and North Texas. Miss Bessie Heard devoted most of her lifetime (1886-1988) to the city of McKinney and its people. Her philanthropic endeavors and generosity of spirit left a legacy of accomplishment few people attain.

Her greatest contribution to her community and North Texas is the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. Miss Heard was 80 years old when she saw the need to preserve a place where future generations could visit to experience nature. The museum opened October 1, 1967 and now serves more than 100,000 visitors annually.

In keeping with Miss Heard’s vision, the museum’s mission is threefold: education, conservation and preservation. Through education, particularly for young people, the Heard emphasizes an appreciation of nature and its conservation.

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