Pop Surrealism – “Offworld Nurse Maid” and “The Bluebird Keeper”

“Offworld Nurse Maid”

 Well, unfortunately, Offworlders need nursemaids and nannies as much as the rest of the world(s). They do have robots that can do the job fairly well but there is a major faction of Offworlders that are big believers in going natural when it comes to raising children. This one is swathed in a natural fiber cocoon.

“The Bluebird Keeper”

“Bluebird Keeper” Bluebirds are messengers but they are only allowed to transport good news…what!? This is my world and I can have them do whatever I want them too. The bluebird eggs are poisonous, good thing for them, they don’t ever have to worry about their eggs getting eaten.

(Manga inspired art)

Colored pencils, ink and/or art marker, on Bristol paper (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork). 2.5″ x 3.5″ very collectible baseball sized miniature artworks. Look great in framed collections, albums, as gifts and can be collected in game card boxes.

Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key


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