ACEO – Lowbrow Art – “No, You’re a Dumb Ass.”

“No, You’re a Dumb Ass”

“You quit smoking!” “No, you quit smoking!.”

“You’re a dumb ass!” “No, you’re a dumb ass!”

I can always lay the blame on others, for my bad habits…(-:

Offworld Brown Egg Hatcher

This is an Offworlder “Brown Egg Hatcher.” Sometimes they put the egg in their mouth so it can be maintained at a certain temperature, or…sometimes they put it in their mouth to give it just a tiny “peck” to help it hatch.

Just in case you are wondering this offworlder is wearing a scratchy, wool knit onesy. Very popular with the offworld set.

Colored pencils and marker on Bristol paper (sturdy like card stock but made for artwork). Collectible, baseball sized art cards. Size 2.5″ x 3.5″

Manga inspired art. Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key.


5 thoughts on “ACEO – Lowbrow Art – “No, You’re a Dumb Ass.”

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  1. the two birds takes the painting to the next level, because of their attitude. the idea behind the egg hatcher is nice. wool knit looks fabulous!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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