Kreativ Blogger Award…what? Did I win?

Warning: This is a long freakin post! I’m just sayin…(-:

I have gone back to this so many times to correct grammar and spelling errors…you know what? I just don’t care anymore.  Note: to Grammar and Spelling Monitors, go ahead and cite me! I’m publishing my post anyway!

Well, this is supposed to be a post about the Kreativ Blogger award so without further ado…

Let’s hop into the “Way Back Time Machine” to a much earlier time this year around March 14. I had a comment on one of my post from Caricature Artist  Ali R. Thome, saying she had nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award, for my “fun multi-media work and unique style.” So thank you Ali!

Well, I never heard if I had won or not so I kind of forgot about it until recently when I saw the Kreativ Blogger Award on someone else’s blog. I looked around on a few other blogs and found that if someone nominates you, you actually are a winner! Who knew?

I hadn’t wanted to be presumptive and just put the virtual blogging sticker on  my blog. But hey! Now my blog can wear it proudly.

The Kreativ Blogger award comes with the following rules:

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award. (WIP)
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. (Completed)
3. Link the person who has nominated you for the award. (Completed)
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. (Completed)
5. Nominate 7 other Kreativ Bloggers. (Completed)
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. (Completed)
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know they have been nominated. (WIP)

A. List 7 things interesting, or that you may not know about me. So here goes…

1. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and was a Licensed Massage Therapy Instructor teaching technique, Anatomy and Physiology, and all the hydro (water) therapies to other students working towards their Massage Therapist License.

2. I positively LOVE anything Sci-fi! I like to read it, watch it and I guess I would eat it, if I could.

3. I have been sucked into the dark side and bought myself a Nook tablet and e-reader. I still feel a little shame at my unfaithfulness to old timey paper books, but not enough to give up being able to read at night without a light on…:-)

4. I have a few phobias. Like a fear of checking my mail unless my mom or someone says they are sending me something good (like money…ha, ha, ha).

I’m not kidding, I only check it about once a month. Sometimes if it gets full earlier than that I will pull out and trash all the ads, but leave all the regular envelopes in the mailbox to keep piling up.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with things like going over a high bridge, over water. Also, high winds and thunderstorms. Each of these things thrills me, but at the same time scares the “pee-waddin” out of me.

6. It’s not a choice. My calling in life is to create art on a daily basis. That’s all I do in the evenings and on weekends, after I get home from my day job as a semi- quasi computer nerd.

7. I am single and have no social life…)-: ha, ha, ha.

B. Nominate 7 other worthy blog sites and bloggers for the Award.

You are worthy!

1. Amanda Makepeace: One of my fellow EBSQ artist friends. Artist, writer, reader, reviewer extraordinaire.

2. Kelly Graham, Artist: For her whimsical mixed media artwork.

3. Nonoy Manga: Young Mangaka artist and entertaining storyteller. (Nonoy, you need to put a “search” box on your blog…lol)

4. Lily White: Lover of Arcana and Art with some great collections of virtual artworks.

5. A blog called “Some Species Eat Their Young”  (they taste like chicken)  Hey, I didn’t say it, but can’t say I haven’t thunk it.

6. Chef and Steward: Beautiful layout, beautiful food, and yummy recipes. (Hey, they’ve already got plenty of food awards).

7. Laura Barbosa: Lots of sick and big macabre art. We might be running neck in neck in the artistically twisted and sick department.

I like how Terri Spilman on the “The Laughing Mom” puts it: “If anyone has an extra Blogging For Dummies book, I could sure use a copy.”

I thought “wow” that is me.  She has gotten several blogging awards now and was talking about blog awards in general. Then I became curious as to how this all came about.

Below is a piece of art, just to break up the monotony, that is still a work in progress.

A Work In Progress of some kind…(-:

Note: You can stop here, or if you are curious about the origins of Kreative Blogger, read on…


How The Kreativ Blogger Award came about:

I’m going to cut and paste some excerpts from Simon Leong’s blog “Simon Food Favourites” because I can’t say it any better than he has. I noticed his post is also ancient, as in August of 2009.

Simon says…(yes, I had to go there) “So who started all this?”

“I’ve been noticing quite a few blogs I follow have been receiving and hence forwarding, their nominations for this Kreativ Blogger Award logo and it got me thinking where did it all start, and who actually designed it. Well if you’ve been wondering the same thing then check out the original designer Hulda from Norway. It was made from some scrap sheets in May 2008 which is quite surprising to me because I always thought it was computer generated for some reason. When searching for details I first came across the Clay Garden blog in Google who also pondered the origin and this got me onto Hulda.”

What Simon found is the one with the pink wallpaper background is not the original design. Here is what the original looked like:

Hulda’s design, 2008

You can see how Hulda created the original design (click here).  It was a cute and quaint version made from scraps. It’s also in Norwegian so you will need to use your “translate” button, if you have one. Or you can try Simon’s Free Online Norwegian to English Translator  to translate her blog.

No one seems to be quite sure when or where, the design was changed to the pink wallpaper background, and the word “Award” was added, or even where the rules were changed. Hulda does call it an “Award.” Here is the current version of the icon that is circulating:

Current version

It was originally designed to recognize other creative blogs and bloggers and Hulda only had 4 simple rules:

1. You award it to four other bloggers that you admire and want to recognize for their creativity with links to their blog on your post. Of course you want to make them aware of it either by email or comments.

2. Those four people in turn would pass it on, or award it to four others, and so on.

3. She says it would be nice to say a few words to justify why you awarded them the “Kreativ Blogger.”

4. If you receive the award you can cut and paste the icon onto your blog so your blog can wear it as a badge of honor.

Want to know what I think?

Depending on which blogs you read it has gone from a fairly simple way to recognize fellow creative bloggers, to gaining more and more rules, and becoming much more complicated. (Look how much work it has been for me already…lol).

“Maybe some of you remember the little exercise a lot of us did in school where you have about 20 people. One person whispers something in a person’s ear, then they whisper it to the next person and so on. Almost always by the time it gets to the last person the saying has changed.”

Depending on which recipients blog you read here are some of the differences in what a recipient of the award needs to do. For example you may be ask to nominate anywhere from 5 to 7 people. Some say to add 7 things that are “interesting” about you while another says, 7 things “people don’t know about you.”

Dang it! I want an award as much as the next person but dad gum it! If I’m going to have to end up writing a dissertation for each one, maybe I should ask for something more substantial than a little sissy icon.

11 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award…what? Did I win?

Add yours

    1. Thanks for the congrats Nonoy!

      I couldn’t find a search box anywhere on your blog to see if you had been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger award before.

      Glad to nominate and pass the award onto you. So congrats to you also…(-:

  1. First, congratulations on the award! I love your work. I can’t believe you draw just for fun. I thought for sure you were a full-time artist. Thank you for mentioning me. The origins of the award are very interesting, and yes, it is just like the telephone game. The rules are very complex, so much so that the last few I’ve gotten, I’ve merely mentioned the person who gave it to me. Though like you, I’m very appreciative. The history was very interesting – well worth your effort.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment of thinking I was a full time artist!! I do enjoy a little profit for my art when I get it though. I mean ultimately I don’t want 10,000 pieces of art laying around when I’m gone…lol.

      I know what you mean about the rules changing and getting more complicated. I have one more award I received recently, but I’m not going to go the the lengths I did on this one…(-:

  2. Congrats on the award and thank you! I think I might have already received this award, once upon a time. 😉 If you can believe, I became over-run by blog awards and had to give them up. But it’s always nice to be nominated!

    1. I totally understand Amanda! When I was looking for people to nominate for the Kreativ Blogger,
      I found I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger in October of 2011 and this was the first I had seen of it (-:

    1. Thank you Kelly! I know there is blog awards that have circulated for years (like this one for example), and some people have been nominated tons of times.
      But hey, this is my first time to get the award so I’m going to enjoy it. Now I just have to respond to those two other awards…(-:

      Also, you know I enjoy your blog and your art is so cute!

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