Art – Let’s See, What Should I Create Today…

(and “Crazy Marion” the marionette ball jointed doll)

Since I create art pretty much daily, every now and then the ideas just aren’t flowing. What do I want to create today? A face? A new character? Am I in the mood for Pop Surrealism, Grunge, Brut, Avant Garde, Lowbrow? Am I feeling humorous, creepy, edgy, sad or just weird?

What medium do I want to use? Acrylics, pastels, or of course my solid rock, colored pencils? Do I want to create a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, a textile, pyrography, a hand colored photo or mixed media artwork?

Sculpt it, burn it, paint it or draw it? Stencil, dab, stipple, brush it, or stroke it.

I popped over to one of my internet friend’s site earlier in the month, Lily Wight’s The Arcade of Arts & Arcana site to see what she was up to. Her theme this month was “Marionettes” and I’ve been into doing some ball jointed doll,  or BJD doll art of late, and thought just for fun, I would do one that is also a marionette.

“Crazy Marion”
“Most ball jointed marionette dolls love running around in the nude when they get a chance, and Crazy Marion is no exception. While her smile looks normal here, having the same smile for life with your expression never changing…creepy. One good thing though is she is a member of the “Eternally Perky Breasted” and women everywhere are jealous of that.”
This is an OSWOA which are always 4″ x 6″ (landscape or portrait) (about the size of a photo). If they are any other size they are not an OSWOA.

Faber Castell watercolor & colored pencils and Prismacolor art markers on archival watercolor paper.

Manga Inspired Art – Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key


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