“We Aren’t Handicapped, We Just Need Our Own Scissors”

Left handers adopting to a right hand world.

I love it when someone that is right handed ask to borrow my scissors. There’s a little devil inside of me that says “Yes! Now they are getting ready to see what I go through.” They don’t realize how hard it is until they try to use them. You can see them thinking “Ah, come on, it can’t be that difficult.” I had one person accuse me of giving them joke scissors. I mean you’d think I had given them fake poop or a whoopee cushion.

Then as they start weaving, zigzagging and tearing up the paper, you can see them get a little more frustrated and a little more determined. After all if you can half ass cut something with their right handed scissors then by golly, they can do it with yours. They ought to try wrapping paper or cloth material with left handed scissors.

Right handed people don’t realize most of us started adapting before we were even in elementary school.

The Science Behind It:

With right handed scissors held by the right hand the shearing edge or cutting edge is always visible. Thus a right handed person can always see the edge or line of what they are cutting. If those same scissors are put in the left hand the cutting edge is behind the top blade, and one cannot see what they are cutting.

Copyright Sherry Key

Pshaw…they probably don’t even realize that most scissors touted as ambidextrous  are still right handed. The actual handle may be both handed but the cutting edge can still only be seen if you are holding the scissors in your right hand.

Actually per Wikipedia Patent: 3,978,584 has been awarded for a true pair of ambidextrous scissors. True ambidextrous scissors are possible if the blades are double-edged and one handle is swung all the way around (to almost 360 degrees) so that the back of the blades become the new cutting edges.

Then there is the nail scissors. There is a left handed version of those too. But that will actually be another post of it’s own.

Yes those silly, naive right-handers don’t realize we’ve spent all our lives learning to use right handed tools and adopting to a right handed world. So in a contest of opposites we would probably win the day because we use the right hand, the one on the left…(-:

Finally learn to use the right finger by downloading this Chrome plug in for a left handed glove cursor…(-:


References: Wikipedia,  and http://www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk/


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