Pop Surrealism Art: “Four of Cups” with WIP Slideshow

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Going up tonight for five day auction with starting bid of just .99 cents on Ebay! Woot! This month’s “Nibblefest” theme is “Coffee.” Nibblefest (NFAC) is an online art group where all art starts at just .99 cents and runs the 20th through the 27th of each month.’

Here’s my dilemma. I started out doing an artwork specifically for this show and I liked it so much I decided “Okay, I’ll do another one and not put this one in the show.” Then I did a second artwork for the show, and again I’m thinking, “Well, I like that one too. So I’ll do a different one for Nibblefest,” and so on, until now I have done “five” pieces of art that I could put in the show.

You can list from one work of art up to three, but I can’t even choose one. Arrg! These are my babies! I’ve put so much time in effort into them and dad blast it! I like them. Well, I finally made one decision in my post just previous to this and ended up putting the “Six of Cups”  or as I like to call him “The Coffee Monger” up for a seven day auction.

The one I’m listing today: “The Four of Cups” I liked this one from the moment I started working on it with her big head and big eyes.

This represents self reflection, a period of quiet deliberation…just look what you could do if you put your mind to it…

She’s done in colored pencils and mixed media on heavy acid free (archival) watercolor paper. This original artwork is an OSWOA (Original Small Work Of Art) which are always 4″ x 6″ either landscape or portrait.

The “BAD” thing is “it starts at just .99 cents,” so the artist has to prepare themselves that the bidding might get up to a nice price, or might stay at rock bottom .

The “GOOD” thing is “it starts at just .99 cents,” which is a great way for an art fan or buyer to get an original work of art for cheap (I was going to say a reasonable price…but let’s just call it what it is…ha, ha, ha).

I’ll just have to console myself. It would be great to gain a new fan or buyer from this. I mean, networking my art is really what “Nibblefest” is all about. Well, I’m feeling cheerier already thinking about it that way…(-:

“Happy Nibbling” to you all!

See this and all my current Art on Ebay (click here).

Copyright Texas Artist Artisan Sherry Key                                                                    (You can share as long as you link to me and give me credit.)

To see all art in this month’s Nibblefest click HERE.


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